All humans have a deep connection to fire deep within our DNA our ancient ancestors used fire to keep them warm prepare their food and also stared into the fire to inspire creativity. The artist Michael Stewart, also known as Pyro Painter, has a very precise and rather unique method of creating his renowned digital works of art. Firstly, he begins by igniting a carefully controlled fire. Then, after taking thousands of fire-related photographs, he looks through them, studying them carefully. Within the blaze, he sees various shapes or even faces appear; much like when viewing images of clouds. Whatever idea he has before taking the photos, somehow, it always seems to manifest among those flames; ultimately becoming one of his fiery illustrations. This almost paranormal ability is yet another trait that sets him apart from other artists. The fire is his muse, showing him visions of ghosts, or any number of supernatural creatures. History shows that many mediums have used fire as a means of communicating with the other side or even seeing the future. But Michael Stewart uses it in his way: to bring his digitally illustrated creations to life! This is only the beginning, however. After he selects the photograph that best matches his idea, he then digitally manipulates the fire within the image like paint, cutting shaping, and reforming the flames controlling the chaos of fire. The result is an intriguing presentation of what a single artist can visualize, re-imagine, and solely bring about with his imagination; using the natural element in a digital realm. It is perhaps the merging of mysticism with technology. please check out the “Process” page to see time-lapse vidoes; showcasing the creative process of one of his many works!