Michael Stewart is a neo-gothic, surrealist artist who's come to be known as the "Pyropainter." His work is a merging of mysticism with technology, photography, and illustration, and it is sure to amaze and inspire.

Stewart begins his process by starting a fire and taking thousands of photographs of it. He then studies these photographs carefully, looking for shapes or even faces that appear within the flames. Once he has found an image that he likes, he digitally manipulates it, cutting, shaping, and reforming the flames to create intricate final digital artwork.

Stewart's work is a unique and fascinating blend of art and science. His ability to see visions of ghosts, supernatural creatures, and other beings within the flames is truly a gift, and his ability to transform these visions into beautiful works of art is truly amazing. If you are looking for something unique and inspiring to look at, I highly recommend checking out Michael Stewart's work.